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January 2015 - I've taken everything but some of the bike stuff offline for now.

"Kyoto" Cargo Trike - A greener way to move stuff around town. It's my first attempt at building my own vehicle (with some help from friends), and so far this machine is performing as planned!

Folding Bikes - My Raleigh Twenty folding bike, with some additional info on the Auto-Mini folder.

Raleigh Superbe - A classic British 3-speed, purchased from its original owner.

Rainbow Chopper - My first foray into the realm of chopper-dom.

CCM Roadster - A vintage early '50s machine, in all its more or less original glory.

Bike Utility Trailer - A page about building my own trailer, now with more construction details.

Big bike trailer - similar to the one above, but with photos of the build.

Tailbox - The recumbent bike gets a trunk!

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