Recyclinik - Sunday, May15, 2005

The Recyclinik was put together by Cyclo Nord Sud of Montreal, an organization that collects unwanted bikes and parts and sends them to South America. The purpose of this event was to create awareness for their upcoming bike drive on May 23. Other groups involved included the re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op, HPVOoO, and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

HPVOoO had folks trying out some of their odd and interesting bikes in the parking lot, while the "band with no name" provided music and the Garden Spot provided food. In the weeks before the event, bike art was created to show what can be done with old parts and bike bits. These were sold to raise money to cover costs involved with shipping the donated bikes. The works in progress can be seen at my Bike Art page.

110_1033.JPG 110_1034.JPG 110_1035.JPG 110_1037.JPG
110_1038.JPG 110_1039.JPG 110_1040.JPG 110_1041.JPG
110_1043.JPG 110_1044.JPG 110_1045.JPG 110_1047.JPG
110_1048.JPG 110_1050.JPG 110_1051.JPG 110_1053.JPG
110_1054.JPG 110_1055.JPG 110_1056.JPG 110_1058.JPG
110_1059.JPG 110_1060.JPG

Click here for photos taken by Richard Guy Briggs.

Below is the promotional postcard for the event.

Photo of Recyclinik poster

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