Making things out of bike bits at re-Cycles

Late April / early May, 2005.

Bike art being created out of old and scrap bike bits at the Re-Cycles Bike Co-op. These will be put up for sale at a fundraising event for Cyclo Nord Sud, an organization that collects unwanted bikes and parts and sends them to South America.

109_0941.JPG Old rims that may get turned into a chair.
109_0943.JPG A puppet made from old Bonez (used for extra U-lock security in the 80's, but don't fit modern locks), a seat bag, a broken cog for teeth, and grips for feet.
109_0944.JPG Ideas at work.
109_0945.JPG Another view.
109_0946.JPG De-spoking an old wheel.
109_0947.JPG Wind chime made from old steel chainrings and spokes.
109_0948.JPG Not quite sure, but it's on its way to being something!
109_0950.JPG "Fendi", a rather bizarre creature ingeniously made from a dead pump, handlebar, stem, old fenders, a weird T-shaped seat, with barrel adjusters for eyes.
109_0951.JPG Another view.
109_095.JPG Akua models earrings made from headset bearings and other goodies.
109_0953.JPG Another view, in the finest fashion model pose.
109_0981.JPG An 60's vintage kids bike, slowly being chopperized with a banana seat, and a 27" fork with 12" wheel.
109_0988.JPG The bike in my backyard, being prepped for primer and paint.
109_0989.JPG Primed...
110_1025.JPG Fun with Tremclad rust paint. Soft enamel that scratches a bit too easily, but it looks good right now!
110_1028.JPG Old but shiny cranks, new donated grips, old but shiny front wheel.
110_1032.JPG Stem gets painted to match, and some leftover fabric from my Samba drum covers the seat (duct tape under the seat hold it in place). While this bike is quite small, even I am able to ride it, and it proved quite popular at the Recylinik event.

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