Trevor Finlay Band recording

Pebble Studios, Barrhaven, Ont.
November 14-17, 2004.

Photos of the recording of the newest Trevor Finlay Band CD, and also laying down a few tracks for a collaboration between Trevor and Paul DesLauriers of Montreal. We did this at Pebble Studios, which belongs to our producer, Pete Gilroy.

Courtesy of Mike Wood from local band Circuit I had some extra snare drums to play with. In addition to my usual workhorse Pearl CZX, and my resurrected 1966 metal Rogers Dynasonic, I had: a Pearl brass free-floating, a vintage (and quite rare) wood Rogers Dynasonic, and two custom-built drums, one by Matt Ouimet at Songbird Music, and one by Chuck Burrows. My CZX is set up to be loud and clanky, which works very well in a live context. For recording purposes I could have tamed the drum down a bit, but we found Matt's drum to have the sound we wanted without changing mine, so we used that instead. My Dynasonic was used for one track on the Trevor / Paul CD.

105_0568.jpg My 1966 Rogers kit. 14x24 bass drum, 8x12 and 16x16 toms, and Matt's custom snare drum. Cymbals are Sabian and Zildjian.
105_0569.jpg Another view.
105_0570.jpg Top view
105_0571.jpg Two mics were neede to capture the immense sound coming from that big bass drum. The AKG for the attack, and the U-47 for the low end.
105_0574.jpg 1940's Telefunken U-47.
105_0575.jpg Control room console. All done on screen and to hard drives.
105_0576.jpg Some outboard gear.
105_0577.jpg Vintage Neve pre-amps. Helps get a nice warm tone from the drums before going digital. Pete cranked them a bit to add a little "dirt" to the sound.
105_0579.jpg This is what a $7500 hand-built microphone looks like!
105_0580.jpg Another pricey mic, used in the centre "room" position.
105_0582.jpg Barry overdubbing some bass bits.
105_0584.jpg Pete and Trevor.

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