Trevor Finlay Band

Halloween in Killaloe, 2004.

The band always has a lot of fun in Killaloe! It's about a two hour drive for us, but it's worth it. From the first time we played there, the crowd loved us, and each gig is like a giant living room party. Killaloe (pop. 700) seems to be mainly comprised of old draft dodgers and hippes of all ages. And every one of them is true to the adage of "dance like no one's looking"!

These photos were taken at our Halloween party in 2004. We had been there the month before, and announced we'd be doing this show, and everyone turned out. This party took things over the top!

105_0568.jpg Agnes is feeling devilish.
105_0569.jpg The perfect Grouch Marx! He won the prize for best costume.
105_0570.jpg Barry and friend.
105_0571.jpg Trevor and Josee.
105_0575.jpg Josee hugs the giant penis (man, did that costume ever attention!)
105_0576.jpg Your drummer is busted by the local pig, uh, cop.
105_0577.jpg Like three birds on a wire - Barry, Josee, and Trevor check out the action.
105_0579.jpg Mr. Baseball Head.
105_0580.jpg Some of the dancers.
105_0582.jpg Barry again, giving good face.
105_0584.jpg A happy, if slightly bizarre, couple.
105_0584.jpg April the leprechaun does something that obviously everyone (especially Trevor) really likes (though I couldn't see it, so don't ask me...)
105_0584.jpg Nova, Killaloe's finest (and only) mermaid.

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