TFBand Gig Photos

New Year's Eve 2000 with the TF Band, and our special guest (and favourite red-headed Juno award winner), Sue Foley. Starting to feel a mite goofy, as we take our bows at night's end. Trevor shows off his new hearing aid, Sue sports a strange growth on her shoulder, and Mike gets down with his bad self. Trevor has not quite finished his evening... The view from the Big Chair. The TF Band prepares for its debut on CITY-TV's "Breakfast Television" in Toronto, July '00. (At 6:00am!)

Trevor gets in touch with himself.... ...and also loves his drummer, Carleton Place, '04 At Barrymore's Music Hall, March '01. Again at Barrymore's, March '01.
(These two pics courtesy of Matt Sobb.)

Adding a little extra flair to the solo, Bourbon St., Ottawa, '04 Playing the house kit, BluesFest, Ottawa, '99. Naw, the solo didn't stink *that* much, Barrymore's, April '05 Driving the music along. Barrymore's, April '05.

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Copyright 2006 Mark Rehder; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.