Trevor Finlay Band CD Release Party

Barrymore's Music Hall, April 9, 2005.

The band rocked the house to celebrate the release of our fourth CD "Show Me What U Got". Barrymore's is a great place for an event like this (it's an old theatre that has been converted into a live music palace), and Trevor arranged to have Rogers Cable tape the show for future TV broadcast on their Community Access channel. He also rented a confetti cannon, just to make the party a bit more rock and roll.

The opening act was our good friend Paul DesLauriers and his band from Montreal, and they came out kicking. Paul later joined us onstage to help finish off the evening, sharing some dual guitar work with Trevor. We also did an in-store show at CD Warehouse in the early afternoon, so it made for a rather long day!

108_0874.JPG We gathered for a pre-release celebration on the eve of the big day. Pictured are Josee (Trev's GF), Trevor, Pete (our producer and recording engineer), and Andy (mixing engineer and live sound). You tell that Pete and Andy spend far too much time together in their dark studio...
108_0875.JPG Same evening, but now it's Pete, Andy, Trevor, Barry, and myself.
108_0877.JPG Barry, pulling drumcat's tail as we set up for the in-store show.
108_0878.JPG Trevor signing autographs.
108_0879.JPG Setting up in Barrymore's.
108_0880.JPG Andy at the main mixing desk, trying to hide as we test the confetti cannon.
108_0882.JPG Pete and Andy discuss details with Doug, one of the house techs.
108_0885.JPG The confetti cannon!
108_0886.JPG My view of the house.
108_0888.JPGg This backdrop guitar was handmade by a fan. The "strings" are those light cables one sees wrapped around porch railings, etc., and light up by way of a sound trigger. It was quite cool, and very big! (A van was needed to move it.)
108_0891.JPG My drums from the left...
108_0892.JPG ...from the right...
108_0895.JPG ...and from the dance floor.
108_0896.JPG Trevor and Dave Barr of Rogers test out a pencil cam mounted to the headstock of one of the guitars. It was pointed down along the neck, and should look quite interesting on TV. We of course had fun turning it into the Nostril Cam during soundcheck...
108_0898.JPG About to start the show. The lights are down, and the fog of dry ice obscures Trevor as he makes a last-minute adjustment.
109_0901.JPG Again, just before we started, and there's a crowd on the dance floor behind that dry ice curtain!

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