Road Photos

Somewhere in Western Canada - TF Band, April '99. (Fortunately, we weren't hungry at the time...) A rather challenging pool table in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - The Bird, Poultry in Motion Tour, Feb. '96. Off the stern of the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, B.C. - TF Band, April '99. Athabaska Falls in the Rockies - TF Band, August '99.

The curved buildings and traffic of London, England - Jivewires, May '95. My favourite town name along the northern Ontario stretch of Hwy. 11 - TF Band, April '99. The good folks of the town of Vulcan, Alberta sure know how to spend their money - TF Band, April '99. The Endless Road, Rocky Mountains (Kinda pretty though...) - The Bird, Poultry in Motion Tour, Feb. '96.

Possibly the world's tiniest bathroom window. It opens and has a screen, but not a whole lot of fresh air comes in. Barry poses for size comparison - TF Band, Montreal, 2004. Barry demonstrates the impossibility of using this window as a fire escape.

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