Donating to Cyclo Nord Sud

On Wed. May 19, 2005, the re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op donated bikes and parts to Cyclo Nord Sud, for shipment to places like Africa and South America.

Jeff and I sorted all the items, and we were able to clear out lots of old but still useful seatposts, caliper brakes, derailers and handlebars. We then moved upstairs to our bike storage, pulling all the bikes out and sorting what should go. In the end we kept only a third of our bikes, with the rest heading off to new lands.

1110_1061.JPG Boxes of parts awaiting their destiny.
110_1063.JPG The loading dock, filled with 30 bikes awaiting shipment.
110_1068.JPG Chris helps pack the truck.
110_1066.JPG Sarah takes the coolest of the kids bikes for one last spin.
110_1062.JPG The storage room, now with a nice and manageable assortment of bikes.

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