Random photos that I like.

(top five and a half rows are new for Oct. 05).

New dance move: "first, you put your ass in the air..."

A well-brushed cat.

Classic photo, from an old issue of "Life" magazine.

Most computers have a mouse, but this one has a cat.

Cow map.

The different duck.

Well hung cat.

A huge cock.

The brilliant "Gulf Wars" poster from a few years ago.

A heady experience.

Kiss the pandas.

"Arghh! Will you stop with the damn air piano!?!"

Fortune cookie surprise.

There used to be penguins in the Canadian North, but they became extinct due to this kind of behaviour...

Cheesy toilet paper.

Shark food.


Kitty wrap (sushi cat?)

Road swim.


My friend Dominique took this photo of a statue in Sweden.

Laugh cat.

The world at night.


Pot #1

Pot #2

Pot #3

Feeling stressed?

What some people need to be told.

Someone's great PhotoShop spoof of the famous pic of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. (To see the original photo click here).

Clowns can be such pricks sometimes.

My good friend Andrea and I, at the PERC-Walk Fundraising Event, June '99.

My pal Wenna, holding the raw material for a mask that she has just pried off my face. It got turned into a wonderful Xmas present (see next photo).

The mask after Wenna got done with it. Originally it was to be worn, but she decided to fill in the various holes and come up with this masterpiece, which now resides in a place of honour on my livingroom wall.

Nosey cat.

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