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An interesting mailbox. My friend Dominique took these next two photos while in Sweden. Each bike has a plastic frame, and they were built in the 1940's.

One of the crazy machines from the CHUNK 666 website. This is one weird machine, with three pairs of cranks on one bike. The guy in the rear definitely has the worst view, but the guy in front probably feels the most pain... (from the futurebike website). My brother Mike and I all duded up for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. March '03.

The tallest bike on the Tour Nortel. Mike Watson's latest creation. May, '02. The tallest bike, and smallest bike. The small one had full suspension! May '02. The truly bizarro Roller Bike. Click here to see a 500k mpg clip of this bike in action.

The HPVOoOers were at it again in a local Santa Claus parade. Jody and I power RGB's trike (and trailer w/injured shopping trike) back to Mike's. Nov. '02. We so enjoyed the pre-parade food... Yours truly, cruising in full parade regalia on the Rainbow Chopper.

Riding Mike Watson's Shopping Cart trike at a recent event. (Who needs a helmet when you have that fine umbrella overhead?) Sept. '03. Jen and Frances power RGB's trike while I surf with Juergen on the trailer during International Car-Free Day. Sept '03. Car-Free Day again, this time posing with my Rainbow chopper (this photo appreared on the front cover of the Centretown News, a scan of which can be found here courtesy of Vic). Photo by Rebecca Roberts - Sept. '03.

Various members of the Ottawa HPV gang got together for a midnight riding session with Richard Briggs' Greenspeed trike. We were on the World's Longest Skating Rink, the Rideau Canal, where bikes (and trikes?) are not permitted during the day. That's me in the Captain's chair, March '02. Trying to out-run the Canal ice-maintenance crew. They didn't mind our being there, and actually gave us honks and waves. More pics of the evening's fun at the HPVOoO website. (Canal photos by Richard Briggs.)

Complete sets of photos from the parades and other cycling events can be found at the HPVOoO 'Events' webpage.

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