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Drumming with the Tom McMahon Trio during the Ottawa Jazz Festival, July, 05. Same event. And again. More JazzFest photos can be found at photographer Brett Delmage's site. Playing a bass saxophone while riding your road bike. Why not?

The Hawk, Ronnie Hawkins. The TF band opened for him when he played at the Carleton Place Festival in Aug. '04, and I snapped a few photos. You can see one of him and Trevor at my Special Moments page. Jammin' w/Cam, Trevor, Popo, Steve, and Nigel at a benefit for our musical colleague Larry "The Bird" Mootham, who passed away suddenly in Oct. 2000. Me, burpin' on the bari sax with Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo at Rideau Hall, Ottawa JazzFest '95. After not playing this instrument since high school, I got back into it from '94 to '97. A very big saxophone! This is not a PhotoShop trick, but an actual contrabass sax, made in the 1920s. Some of these old beasts still exist, and you can order a new one for a mere $40,000 or so...

"Just Voices", a local activist choir led by Greg Furlong, posing after our show at the Ottawa Folk Festival - Aug. 2004. A few choir members after taking part in an anti-war demonstration on Parliament Hill - Oct. 2004. (More photos at the choir's website.)

The big blue surdo.
The surdo is the bass drum for Brazilian Samba music, and I made this one while I was with Samba Ottawa. I got this barrel at a scrapyard, and when I got home found that a 16" drum head fit perfectly over the opening. Note the very handy collar an inch or so below the head. This gave me a place to fit the receivers for the head tension rods, which were just 1/4" bolts. This drum cost me about $35.00 to build.

My parade snare drum (on top of the blue surdo).
This was made from an ugly old 14x10 tom tom. I simply added snares, a pair of turnbuckles (as tensioners), cut a snare bed, and covered the paint with some colourful Samba-inspired fabric. This drum cost me about $30.00 to build.

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