John Rennie High School 50th Anniversary
and multi-year reunion, May 20-22, 2005

Thanks to the mighty efforts of Elizabeth Craig and her gang, we had a fabulous party at our our old school! A few years back the Rennie email list had some chat about various traditional anniversary reunions that were going on (25th, 30th, etc.), and some folks were realizing they had missed theirs, or that their year never had one. And then it was commented that 2005 was the 50th year for the school, and the wheels started turning...

Fast-forward to the May long weekend, and over 1200 alumni and staff, past and present, descended on our alma mater, and what a party we had! Fri. night was registrations, and then separate "satellite" reunions took place at local pubs and bars. We collectively talked ourselves hoarse until after 2:00am in some cases. Saturday was full of various events, including rehearsals for those taking part in the alumni band and choir, and that night it was dancing in the big gym (the school has three of them!) to a live band playing tunes from the 50's to the 80's. Sunday was taken up by the "Black and Gold" revue (our school colours), with various performers taking part, including the alumni band and choir, both of which I was thrilled to perform with again. It was a truly memorable time, a return to past glories and good feelings. And in the end it was emotionally all too much for many of us, with hugs all around and tears flowing.

Thanks everyone, for an absolutely amazing experience! The memories will last a lifetime.

(Captions below for my female friends give names as I knew them way back when.)

110_1073.JPG Diane Wood & Dave Vincent 110_1074.JPG Music Dept. riff-raff 110_1075.JPG Linnet Fawcett & Mike Feltoe 110_1076.JPG More riff-raff 110_1077.JPG Mike, Linnet, & Debbie Nicoll-Griffith
110_1078.JPG Carolyn Edmiston & Laurie DeCourcy. 110_1079.JPG Margo Atwood & Marilyn Brayne 110_1080.JPG Diane Wood & Sandy Jones 110_1082.JPG
Choir rehearsal
110_1083.JPG Mrs. Newsome
110_1084.JPG Choir rehearsal 110_1085.JPG Choir rehearsal 110_1086.JPG More music dept. riff-raff 110_1087.JPG and again... 110_1088.JPG Steve Saunders & Dave Vincent
110_1089.JPG My brother Mike & Keith M. 110_1090.JPG Faces: Lisa Hiltz, Rob Fleming, Kathy McKnight, Wayne, Marilyn, Steve, Dave 110_1091.JPG Linnet & Diane 110_1092.JPG
Diane and I
110_1094.JPG Wayne Fairchild, Me, Steve, Dave.
110_1095.JPG Band rehearsal 110_1097.JPG
prop room beneath the auditorium stage
111_1104.JPG found in the prop room 111_1105.JPG
the old band room
111_1106.JPG Wally's old office 111_1107.JPG
the stairs down to the music rooms
a familiar view
111_1109.JPG Joanne Sembinelli, Marilyn Rennie, Dave 111_1110.JPG Most of the class of '76
111_1111.JPG Me and Uncle Wally 111_1112.JPG
The brothers Rehder and Mrs. Farquharson
111_1113.JPG The concert band right before the show started 111_1114.JPG
Brother Mike on bass clarinet
in the old music room during the B&G revue
Barbara Bramwell before her performance
111_1118.JPG Carolyn, me, Dawn Stanley-Smith, Debbie 111_1119.JPG Just before the final number with the choir 111_1120.JPG
The end of the show!

Below are photos sent in by friends.

daveR1.JPG Brother Mike, Dave Vincent, moi daveR2.JPG Dave, Me, David Ripley 110_1075.JPG with Keith M. DSC00364.JPG band rehearsal DSC00367.JPG same
reuniondrums.JPG Having a good time! robF1.JPG Black and Gold robF2.JPG Black and Gold robF3.JPG Black and Gold aerialshot.jpg
Aerial shot.
About to pose for the Class of '76 photo
Diane Wood and David Ripley
Jeff and Kelly Bauman
Marilyn Rennie, Jeff, Marilyn Brayne
old friends.
CPS-Grade-4.jpg Cedar Park School - Dave Ripley's Gr. 4 class CPS-Grade-5.jpg same - Gr. 5 CPS-Grade-6.jpg same - Gr. 6

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