The Jivewires

Governor General's Arts Awards

November 5, 2005.

This is an annual event to showcase excellence in the Arts (the Governor General is the Queen's Representative here in Canada). A big show is held in the largest hall of the National Arts Centre, and for the third year in a row the Jives were hired to play dance music for the apres-show in the lobby. Snacks are laid out, drinks are available, and after sitting for quite a few hours many of the folks are ready to shake themselves up!

We played one long set (from 11:15pm to 1:00am!) without a break in order to keep everyone dancing, and dance they did! It was fun to watch while I played, as people had been all dressed up and acting formal all evening, and then they're kicking off their shoes and jitterbugging! This was the fun sort of gig that reminds us of why we play music for a living...

Backstage, Kurt and Alf sort their music.
Rick, Sandy, and Brian try to look literate.
Kurt gets arrested while having a nipple tweaked. His emotional state at this point is uncertain.
The band hangs around the one of the large food tables before the crowd comes out. We did leave a few snacks for them...
Rick and Kurt are about to inhale the Timbits Pyramid (Timbits are donut centres from the famous Tim Horton's Donut chain).
The stage, just before showtime.
The crowd is filing out of the main hall. Let the music begin!
A view of the crowd. (Our sound tech took my camera around for some action shots.)
The view from my chair.
And to the left...
Amy, one of my fellow performers in the Grasshoppa Dance Exchange waves Hello.
Famous Person Luba Goy, well-known here in Canada for her work in the CBC comedy show "Royal Canadian Air Farce". Also spotted in the crowd, actors Sarah Polley and Jackie Burroughs, and the GG herself, Michaelle Jean, danced for a while!
Classy 'n sharp. It's after the show, and Bonnie (friend of the band) looks classy, while Jives' frontman Steve looks like he just sat on something sharp. And yes, those are bowling shoes...

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Copyright 2006 Mark Rehder; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.