Misc. hand drumming photos

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I drum while Laini and others dance at one of the anti-war protests. March '03. My friend Jack and I, leading the parade of walkers for the PERC-Walk Fundraiser, June '99.

Action shot - drumming with the gang during the March 22nd (2003) anti-war rally here in Ottawa. It was a cold, drizzly day, but 5000 people turned out for this! Same event. Unwelcoming Pres. Bush to Ottawa, Nov. 04 (photo by Scotty Doubt) A pic taken during the National Arts Centre's "Different Drummers Young People's Concert". November 2001. (photo credit unknown)

The Green Door, a local organic vegetarian restaurant, had an anniversary party, and invited local drummers to add some flavour to the event. Well, we took over as usual, led by the inimitable Kebba, pictured to my left. May 2002.
Don't ask me, I was busy drummin'....
Louis dances up a storm with some of the ladies. Like I said, we took over the place! Actually, this is the back part of the restaurant, as there WERE diners behind the cameraman.

Except where noted, all photos are by Richard Guy Briggs

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