"Canadian Toast", at the 2002 Ottawa Fringe Festival

This play was my acting debut!

My friend Wenna has a theatrical production company called Weiner Productions, and they had written a play for the 2002 Fringe Festival, and one more actor was needed. Wenna thought I might work out, though I had never acted before. But I of course had years of experience performing in front of audiences as a musician, so it was not a totally alien concept.

The premise of the play was that the Americans had quietly taken over Canada, but would let one small part of the country remain Canadian, and anyone wishing a place in that land had to win their spot by competing in a game show. I played a few small roles, the first being a Humphrey Bogart-styled tough, the second as a game show announcer, and lastly as a "stage manager", striking the set while one of the scenes was still happening.

Remembering my lines was one thing, the other was to recall all the stage motions and physical expressions. It was quite different from a musical performance, but I still enjoyed every minute of it!

Standing are the actors, while the teens in front were stage hands and tech help (though Yumiko and Julia did make some onstage appearances). Both Wenna and Sora taught classes at Elmwood private school, and the students got credits for volunteering with us. (Not pictured is Wayne, our tech director.)
In rehearsal: me, Wenna, and Sora.
In rehearsal: Lance, Sora, Wenna, and Forbes.
In rehearsal: Wenna having a laugh.
In rehearsal: Lance and Sora.
Me in performance, wearing game show announcer attire. Yes, that lovely jacket is mine, and I had bought it years before. (photos of the show are blurry due to being taken through the glass of the tech booth.)
Wenna, Forbes, and Sora during the Border Guards scene.
Forbes, Wenna, and Lance (as terrorist), during the Border Guards scene.
Lance, Forbes, and Wenna during part of the Game Show.
Sora and I have a drink (or two) after one of the shows...
...along with Lance and Wenna...
... and Forbes and Wayne (our tech director).
Headshot: me.
Headshot: Wenna.
Headshot: Forbes.
Headshot: Sora.
Headshot: Lance.

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