A Tale of Two Kitties

(ok, that's bad, but at least I didn't spell it as "tail"...)

Both of these two furry 'n fabulous felines came into my life as a result of being picked on by other cats.

Kitty (the calico / tabby mix) arrived in April '03 when my friend and neighbour Maureen thought Kitty be happier with me. Mo's two male cats ended up bullying Kitty to the point that she would stay outside or hide in the basement. Once she moved in here she settled right in as Queen of All She Surveys, and the fact that she is still in her familiar neighbourhood helped the transition.

Kitty is small but tough (she has a divot in her ear from fighting off a local tomcat) , and even though she's now over 10 she's quite playful and still a bit kittenish. She is at her happiest just curled up on my lap, and she's also spoiled with two cushions on either side of my computer, where she can sleep or keep an eye on outdoor things through the window. She's a sweetie!

Jett joined the household in similar fashion in Feb. 05, when my friend Tina had the same problem with him being pestered and dominated by her male Siamese. Poor Jett had already received two puncture wounds to his shoulder, and after the third one Tina asked me if I could look after him until Spring arrived and she lets her all of her five cats outside. But it turned into a permanent arrangement, since he seems much happier here. Kitty did not make much of a fuss when he was brought over here, even though being all black and male he greatly resembled one of her old tormentors. She obviously decided he'd be manageable, and so it can be rather entertaining watching them sort out their relationship. Jett is a big, affectionate cat, and a bit of a bull in a china shop, but who can resist such a friendy beast?

Kitty. Over ten years old and still too darn cute.
103_0359.JPG 103_0360.JPG 107_0722.JPG
Enter the newcomer, Jett.
A spikey aloe plant seems like a good place to rest a sleepy head...
Sorting out the dominance issues
107_0734.JPG 107_0743.jpg 107_0744.JPG
Learning to handle being near each other
When there's water in the bottom of the tub issues of personal space are cast aside.
107_0748.JPG 107_0750.JPG 107_0752.jpg 107_0754.JPG 108_0819.JPG
"That big oaf is in my sun spot."
108_0821.jpg 108_0846.JPG 108_0852.jpg
Personal space issues arise momentarily
Hanging out whilst computing.
Almost pals.
109_0934.JPG 109_0954.JPG 109_0956.JPG "mmm, tasty drummer..."
109_0957.JPG 109_09561.JPG 109_0963.JPG 109_0982.JPG 109_0983.JPG
109_0984.JPG 07-01-009.jpg
photo by Vic Gedris
17-58-50.jpg.JPG 17-58-55.jpg.JPG 17-59-27.jpg
last three photos by Richard Guy Briggs
having a warm seat on the compost digester.
Doing yard work, look up, there's Jett on a post!
"Make sure you photograph my good side."
"What'cha lookin' at?"
"OK, I'll admit this is more comfy..."
Yes, this is Jett. Sleeping standing up, but with his head down and tucked into his stomach. I have never seen a cat do this...
The cats love this window, but tended to almost knock the plants over when they tried to spread out. So a shelf was built.
114_1454.JPG 114_1457.JPG
Of course, Jett just has to do it differently...
Kitty likes to snooze on top of the amplifier used for my computer music system. But then Jett discovered it as well, and this was the first time he jumped up while she was there. He did his best to "fit in".

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