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General Cycling Links:

Sheldon Brown - An amazing site! If you want to know ANYTHING about bikes - gears, brakes, shifting systems, tires - this is the place, as Sheldon has it all.

Re-Cycles Bike Co-op - Ottawa's local bike co-op. A great place to a) find an overhauled used bike, b) learn bike repair skills, and c) get involved in cycling advocacy.

Urbane Cyclist - A "worker's co-op" bike shop in Toronto. Carey Chen is the guy to talk to there.

Damon Rinard - Damon's page of Bike Tech links. There are more cycling-related links than I've ever seen in one place (plus some extra ones that will be of interest to homebuilders, such as sites about composite construction).

Lisa's Bike Page - Local cycling activist (and re-Cycles volunteer) Lisa Routhier's page about her 2-wheel steeds.

Jeff's Bike Page - Another volunteer at the re-Cycles Co-op, Jeff Noakes.

The Blue Camembert - And yet another re-Cycles volunteer, Mike Bowler.

Chunk 666 - World Domination is the goal with the wild and wooly Chunk 666 gang .

Icebike - So, ya think you're tough, eh? How 'bout a nice little bike ride at -20C? Here in Ottawa you either put your bike away for the winter, or just keep on pedalin'. These crazy folks will show you the joys of cycling when lesser mortals are snug in front of the fireplace.

NEW for '06 - - Ben Wertsch's bike pages, including projects.

NEW for '06 - Cycle Commuting and Advocacy Links

BikeList Search - A search engine for eleven different cycling-related mailing lists.

Bike Current FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions from the BikeCurrent mailing list. "Bikecurrent is a mailing list all about electricity for bicycles, especially bicycle lighting."

Analytic Cycling - "Analytic Cycling provides technical methods for evaluating and estimating cycling performance and parameters."

Exploratorium - The Exploratorium Cycling site. A great way to learn about the science of cycling. Kids will like it too.

Recumbent/HPV Links:

IHPVA - This is the site for the International Human Powered Vehicle Association, and a great place to start if you're looking for info on anything human powered. Email lists for various HP interests are also run from this site.

Linear Recumbents - This is the site of Linear Manufacturing, the good folks who make the recumbent I ride.

Richard's GreenSpeed page - Just when I thought Ottawa was going to remain a bit of a recumbent backwater, local cycling advocate Richard Guy Briggs acquires the World's first production model of the GreenSpeed convertible tandem/solo recumbent trike! - Another good resource. In addition to their recumbent pages, there is a tremendous amount of cycling related info here.

Kevin Atkins - Kevin runs the mailing list for Linear owners (of which I'm proud to be a charter member!). This is his 'Linear Resource' site.

Velomobile Homebuilders Network - "This site is dedicated to promoting the construction and usage of velomobiles in North America".

Recumbent Cyclist News - RCN is the magazine to get if you want to keep on top of what's happening in the world of recumbents.

Carey Chen - Carey builds some very nice bicycles, and he is also one of the proprietors of Urbane Cyclist (above).

WISIL HPV - A great site from a bunch of HPV'ers who like to build and race their own recumbents. Their project page has a lot of useful info and photos.

Bent Rider Online - A fine online magazine for recumbent enthusiasts. Snoop around in the back issues and find my article!

Steve Robson - Steve is another HPVSO member, and has built many of his own recumbents. His bikes prove that you don't have to spend a lot of money to ride in style.

Folding Bike Links:

Folding Bicycle Interest List - For "discussion of folding and collapsible bicycles, related equipment, rides & trip reports, folding-related forsale and want ads."

Raleigh Twenty - The always informative Sheldon Brown has a great page about the Twenty at his website. He also has info on old Raleighs in general.

Retro Raleighs: the Twenty Folder - Sheldon also now hosts the Retro Raleigh site, and this is the Twenty page.

NEW for Jan. '07 Bikes That Fold - "A Resource For Folding Bicycles And The Folding Bike Devotee"

Chop's folder links - an A to Z of Folding Bikes

Lenny's Taylor's Twenty - Some good upgrades done here.

Twenty years on a Twenty - John S. Allen's Raleigh Twenty page. He also has a page featuring an original Raleigh Twenty instruction sheet.

Guy's Twenty - From La Belle Province, Guy Bouchard's Raleigh Twenty page. This bike may be the most modified Twenty yet!

1973 Raleigh Twenty - Tarik Saleh's Twenty page.

Tim's Folding Bike - Tim Paton has a page about his old folder. His site also has some very good info on homebrew lighting systems.

1973 Raleigh Twenty A rather mint Twenty in original condition, from the collection of the Rydjor Bike Shop (check out the '66 RSW in their collection as well!).

Mike's Royce Union - Mike has a new page on his old Euro folder.

Ryan's Auto-Mini - Finally, another 'Mini on the Net, and this one has a cool Duomatic hub!

Retro Raleigh Links:

Retro-Raleighs - Now hosted by Sheldon Brown. A great place to start for those into old English iron!

Raleigh-made Gallery - A site showing a personal collection of bikes made at by the Raleigh factory in Nottingham, England.

Martin's Bicycles - A nice set of photos of various old British bikes. - A great resource for any old-bike fan. There are discussion areas for various types and makes of bike, including Raleighs.

And since the vast majority of these (and the folding bikes) came with 3-speed hubs:

Sturmey-Archer Bicycle Hubs - Sheldon Brown again with all you need to know about S-A hubs, complete with timeline history.

Sturmey-Archer Repair - A copy of a 1956 Sturmey-Archer Master Catalogue, in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

Any cycling folks wish to exchange links? Please email me!


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